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Reclaimed Metal

Save Cost

Each bonded rubber, polymer and powder coating customer of PolyMet Recovery enjoys economical way to recycle and reutilize their metal. Reusing your metal results in substantial savings of time, money, and material. Historically, PolyMet Recovery saves our customers upwards of 50%-80% of the replacement cost of their metal. We explain what reclaiming costs will be prior to our reclamation process. Sending samples to us is encouraged.

Reusable Metal Components

Quality control standards at PolyMet Recovery assure our clients that their metals are reusable and PolyMet has developed proprietary methods to protect the integrity of the metals you need to save and rebond. PolyMet restores metal to a similar pre-bonded condition, leaving the surface clean and recoatable.

Professional Service

PolyMet Recovery is a long standing and approved supplier for Fortune 100 Industrial manufacturers, offering quality metal reclamation of bonded metal parts by removing polymers in preparation for rebonding. Ferrous and non-ferrous substrates include steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, titanium and alloys...accommodating all part sizes, complexity and surface preparation. 24 HOUR turnaround is available if extreme expedite is needed.

Cross Industry Capability

PolyMet Recovery has history with a wide range of parts for Oil and Gas, Agricultural, Transportation, Aerospace, Powder Coating and Rubber Molding industries. Parts as SMALL as tiny vibration mount bushings, and as LARGE as two-and-a-half ton marine bearing valves are regularly and gently processed. See all services

Environmental Preservation

We work in conjunction with our customers to make a significant contribution to the world's ecosystem by aiding in the reuse and remanufacture of metals, as well as recycling your rubber.

Relieve your headaches over rejected metals.
Keep scrap to a minimum.

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